SNOWBALLED by Dwyane F. Jones

Abdul and the Gold-Blue ring by Dwayne F. Jones

The Smartest Person in the Room: The Root Cause and New Solution for Cyber Security by Christian Espinosa

EXILE: They Will Never Tear Us Apart by Sydney Tickle

Journey to the Hopewell Star by Hannah D. State

Elder Blood: A Story of Ancient Prophecies and Political Conspiracies (The Epimetheus Trial Book 1) by E.A. Setser

Interview with Dr. Carl Stokes Jr., author of “Reclaim Your Visibility: A Straightforward Guide for Black Fathers to Improve Themselves and Their Relationships with Their Children”

Interview with Sam Rehan, Author of Laugh More: Soar In Your Health, Career and Relationships

I See You: Exploring How Our Perceptions Affect Our Actions by Michael Carter

OFFENSE: How to Become Less Offended in an Age of Rage by Bradford Coleman, Licensed Professional Counselor

No Accounting For Desire: A Lesbian Medical Romance Story (Heart The Nurse Book 2) by R.M. Danney

The Hats In Mama’s Closet by Shevonna Blackshire