Potential: Turn Anxiety To Action To Unlock Your True Potential by Matt Barnes

Beyond Here Lies Nothing by Lee Guthrie

The Millennial Reincarnations by Daniel M. Harrison

The Single Mother Diaries™: Tips and Wisdom on Being a Fabulous and Successful Single Mother by Aria Craig

Dragonfriend by Marc Secchia

Happily Inner After by Deidre Madsen

Born Villain: The Pelagius Game, Book 2 by R.J. Jerome

Barefoot Johnny by Kate Mac Hugh and JC Edwards

Chewy And The Magical Pendant by Shawn Black

#CompletelySingle: Learning How to Become the Right One Before Meeting the Right One by Damien K. H. Nash

Almost Royalty: A Romantic Comedy...of Sorts by Courtney Hamilton

Freddy Fumple and the Mindmonsters by Vegard Svingen

Fears Revenge by Lynn Case

Switchblade Heart by Denning

The Adventure of the Blue Belt Buckle: A New Sherlock Holmes Mystery by Craig Stephen Copland

Kitty Witty's Bedtime Story by A.J. Fontaine

The Rocky Approach to Life by Manuel Fernandez

How to Shield: A Psionic Social Club Book by Rainsong Taurandira